Body Breakthroughs


A Remarkable Journey from 18-year-old Apprentice to Champion Bodybuilder

Jake is a determined young man who came to us just after celebrating his 18th birthday. Having spent four years focused on building muscle mass and yearning to compete, he sought our guidance to turn his dreams into reality.

After an in-depth consultation, we devised a comprehensive 24-week contest prep plan for Jake. The journey began with a 12-week mass gain phase, where we carefully balanced muscle building and strength development while minimising fat gain. We implemented a meticulously designed, phased, and progressive training program, coupled with a strict attention to his diet to ensure rapid and effective results.

The culmination of his hard work and dedication led to an inspiring 12-week cutting phase. Jake pushed his limits to achieve an incredible 5% body fat, qualifying him to step on stage as a Junior bodybuilding competitor. Not only did Jake showcase his exceptional physique, but he also clinched the coveted 1st place in both Junior Classic Bodybuilding and Physique categories.

Following such an intense competition journey, we recognised the importance of prioritising Jake’s recovery. We devised an 8-week recoup plan to support his body and mind during this crucial phase. Gradually, we brought him back to a healthy 10% body fat range, ensuring his well-being and long-term success.

Jake achieved all this while working full-time as an apprentice electrician and attending Tafe. His journey stands as a brilliant example of how prioritising your goals can lead to incredible accomplishments, even amidst a demanding workload.