Body Breakthroughs


From Slabs to Abs

Chris is a living testament to what determination, focus, and a solid plan can achieve. His goal was clear: to reach the best physical condition of his life. Not just shedding excess fat, but also gaining substantial muscle and strength in the process.

Our strategy was simple yet effective. Chris meticulously weighed every meal and ingredient, ensuring he adhered to his calorie and macro targets with unwavering dedication. Additionally, he prioritised his recovery and sleep, maximising the benefits of his rigorous training.

Through sheer dedication, Chris achieved an astounding 20kg fat loss, reaching a peak cut of an impressive 6% body fat. But he didn’t stop there. Even after emerging from a strict caloric deficit, Chris remained focused on pushing his physical boundaries. The result? He continued to pack on muscle mass and strength, now boasting a remarkable 150kg Bench Press and a staggering 210kg Deadlift, all while maintaining a manageable 10% body fat.

Working a desk job, Chris implemented clever tactics to boost his daily energy expenditure. By setting a step target and incorporating simple habits into his routine, he avoided the need for additional cardio sessions. This made his weight loss journey more manageable and spared him from spending unnecessary hours at the gym.