Body Breakthroughs


From Complacency to Champion in Taekwondo!

Tim is a remarkable individual who came to us after realising he had become complacent with his diet and training. As a black belt in Tae kwon do and a former high-level competitor, Tim had spent the past few years focusing on his instructing aspirations, aiming to be the best role model for his students. However, in the process, he noticed that he had lost his own physical shape and fitness.

Tim had an ambitious goal – he wanted to compete in a Taekwondo tournament, just like he did years ago. But here’s the challenge: due to his height, he needed to shed nearly 10kgs to meet the weight cap for his division.

With determination in his heart to lead by example, Tim embarked on his transformation journey. We worked together to get his nutrition back on track, without having to cut out entire food groups. This sustainable approach, combined with a strategic mix of strength training and HIIT workouts for aerobic conditioning, proved to be the winning formula for Tim.

Over time, the hard work paid off. Tim not only lost 7kgs of fat but also gained strength, which significantly improved his speed and power in his kicks. He pushed himself further, even completing a 3kg water cut to make the weight for his respective division.

While achieving these incredible results, Tim was juggling a full-time job and instructing Taekwondo five nights a week for three hours each session. Tim proved that when you are truly committed, you will find the time to make your goals happen.

Tim’s story is a testament to the power of perseverance and dedication. It goes to show that even with a busy schedule, you can achieve remarkable things when you prioritise your goals and stay committed.