Premium Coaching


This program is all about personalisation, support, and attention to the finest details. A fitness transformation like never before!

First things first, we create a custom program that’s all about YOU. Your goals, preferences, and fitness level are at the heart of it all. We’ll keep updating your program every month, so it stays in perfect sync with your progress, constantly challenging you to reach new heights and beat personal bests.

But that’s not all – we know nutrition is a vital piece of the puzzle. That’s why our premium offer includes a personalised nutrition plan designed to align perfectly with your goals, dietary preferences, and lifestyle, making sure you fuel your body the right way for the best results.

Here’s the cherry on top – you get your own personal coach to guide you every step of the way! Yep, direct access to a dedicated coach for those 1-1 check-ins via messaging. Have questions, need a little extra motivation, or want to dive deeper into your fitness journey? No problem! We’ve got you covered with up to two 1-1 calls each month.

Our expert coaches will give you personalised video feedback, so you can maximize each workout and perform them safely. Plus, your program will be regularly updated based on your progress and feedback, keeping you engaged, challenged, and on track!

So, why wait? Join our Premium Coaching program today and get ready for a transformational experience like no other. A custom program, tailored nutrition, 1-1 support, weekly check-ins, monthly calls, and video feedback – it’s all here, ready for you.

Level up your fitness journey with our exclusive Premium Coaching program.

Say goodbye to cookie-cutter routines with a truly personalised, meticulously tailored program, continuously updated to match your progress and keep you challenged.

Our expert coaches will design a custom nutrition plan, perfectly aligned with your goals, lifestyle and ability in the kitchen! Plus, you’ll have direct access to a dedicated coach for personalised 1-1 assistance through weekly check-ins and two monthly calls. With expert video feedback for exercises, you’ll optimise your workouts safely and effectively.

A fully personalised program that’s updated monthly, custom nutrition plan, 1-1 coaching support, weekly check-ins, and video feedback to maximise your workouts.

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